Friday, January 12, 2007

On Music and Drinking

Well, I have to thank Presley for being the only person to read this blog. But if you are reading this, I must urge you to click on the "Pre" on the comment page and check out his web site. It's got some cool stuff on it. Good bands and even a link to play his video game he made for comedy central. It kicks ass. I have played it, and believe it or not, it has to do with'll see. anyway, thanks pres.

So, it's Friday night, and I'm unwinding after a number of difficult weeks, and I'm writing here in order to stifle the drunk dialing. I was going to talk about the war or political issues that have been on my mind, but I think I should earn your trust. Before that, I should probably show that I'm not a moronic douche bag......and it's Friday! So I thought I'd lighten it up a little bit, and talk about music and drinking. They are both good......that's about all i have to say. But really, I have to say that music is great. If you don't have something in your CD player now that moves you, then you're missing out. I'll recommend a few things.......1) Panic at the Disco. They are a young band, but the lyrics are great and the rhythms are unbelievable. They are a bit of a retro 80's sound with a 2000 groove. then, 2) there is 30 seconds to mars. they are a little emo, but with great musicality........check out their track "the Kill" and that will rock. they remind me of Dream theater mixed with three doors down mixed with Howie day. and 3) Aberdeen City.....These guys all went to BC and graduated with me in 2001. I think I actually jammed with the lead singer/bass player. They are a bit radiohead with something else......a very original sound. they were signed and are now on tour. I emailed the lead singer a few weeks back, and he asked me if I was still I wished I were. Anyway, the tune "God is going to get sick of me" is great. So, there are some bands to check out. And, I have to say check them out on line, and then if you like them, buy their music; either on line or in the store. that's how they make their living. I mean I do science research, and there are no people in need of the drugs my company makes stealing them for their use, and I'm sure most of you out there don't have people stealing what you do....not to be all high and mighty. I mean I used to download stuff I didn't pay for, and then I realized that these people are just trying to make a living too........

ON drinking........It's good. I mean most people drink to some extent, and some of us a little more. I like to have a few to unwind. But it makes me a little less inhibited sometimes like now. I mean not dancing with a stripper anymore or necessarily being a jackass, but just a little more relaxed to let thoughts run through my head with out so many road blocks. It's like driving in your car listening to your favorite tune and singing, however out of key, at the top of your lungs while people make funny stares in your direction. It's just a release. And while I drink alone sometimes I usually tend to reach out and talk to people the form of a drunk dial, or what I'm doing now.........drunk blogging. I'm not really sitting here alone. I'm sitting here with people I care about who read this. At the end of the day, I think that's definitely a good thing. SO basically, I write this not just for myself, but to communicate with you.....if that makes sense. If I'm too stressed, I can't write. I mean with my mom's surgery, I was very stressed out in the days before. I found most of my thoughts going back to that, and that would have been the only thing I could talk about, and I didn't feel it was the right time to blog, and therefore, I didn't write here. But now, I'm grateful, happy, and more relaxed, and I'm happy to write in order to communicate and try to engage with more leisurely conversation. It's beautiful to do that. I just hope I'm not more boring than watching two ants pleasure themselves on a pile of donkey shit. On that note, I welcome you to post comments and interact here......I'll even give you a topic:

What's your favorite Cocktail/drink? Do you have a particular memory about that one drink?

while I drink a lot of Coors products (mostly because of drinking at Coors Brewery while visiting My brother Ferris and friend Adam in CO) My favorite is a single malt scotch aged between ten and twelve years. I'm still thinking of my favorite memory while drinking scotch.......If you have something you want me to write about, let me know........Peace. I'm out


Kahlil said...

One of my favorite drinks was a coors lite (or fifteen) with Mitch when we split a 30 pack of coors lite and compared our beer bellies and did a rendition of "cucumber arm man"

another on was a wild turkey with tasted like the devil's nutz but it was funny. I think there was shit involved.

wentzerooni said...

first offf... prairie fire all the way!!!

and i want to thank everyone out there who is either the recipient of (1) drunk dials (2) virtual drunk blogs because i am usually asleep and you occupy my lovely boyfriend while i get some much needed shut eye... thanks.

wild turkey said...

Double Jameson neat. Guess my tastes have changed from those early Wild Turkey drinking years. Though I'll never forget that night. Or the morning after.

But I think my all-time favorite was choking down Pusser's Rum with Kahlil in Walsh. That shit was so horrible that it caused Kahlil to rip the nastiest fart in history. The mayhem? A lamp broke, paint melted, two people in adjacent rooms had seizures, and the fire alarm went off. Well done, sir.

On music--got into Death Cab for Cutie. Check out the album Transatlanticism. Superb songwriting combined with excellent musical instrumentation.

Love the blog.